TEENs AND adults

Get started or get better

Do you feel like your skiing is a bit rusty? Are you a beginner or do you simply wish to start again slowly? 

It is never too late to learn how to ski or to simply make progress with the ESF Peyresourde! 
The ESF and its instructors offer you to discover or rediscover the pleasure of gliding down the slopes. 

What wish for is for you to have fun, no matter the weather, no matter the snow. Our instructors will give you all the tips they can so you can become a gliding expert. 

TimetablesSubject to a group of minimum 4 people

Whole season*
Morning10am-12:30pmMaximum of 12 people
*Same hours over Christmas and February holidays

Group lessons for Teens and ADULTS Du dimanche au vendredi

Whole seasonPer lesson6 days *
Morning 10am-12:30pm35 € 172 €
* Medal included